Helping During Coronavirus


The coronavirus is having a big impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is especially true for SME’s in the high street. These businesses play an important role in their communities, and many are prevented from doing trade due to the self-isolation guidelines.

Some businesses are adapting to these restrictions by combining their high street branding, with e-commerce and delivery services.

This post looks at how these approaches can help your business in the current climate

How are businesses adapting?

Their are a number of businesses who are still providing quality products and services. These businesses can help customers by providing some normality in these difficult times

  • Delivery Services – A number of businesses have adapted their web sites to include local delivery based e-commerce. In Edinburgh you can see this through businesses like Mr Eion, which offers quality coffee and delivery from its website.
  • Vouchers – If your business cant open at the current time, then you could look towards vouchers. These could be discounted, or offer priority booking
  • Pivoting – I heard about Charles Stamper when the lockdowns started. This company were previously supplying the restaurant trade, but had pivoted to supplying vegetable box delivery. As the lockdown has progressed they have increased their product line. I would highly recommend this service
  • Kerb-side Collection – Some businesses are already providing kerb side collection, but it is likely this approach will remain popular after the lockdowns have been lifted. A simplified checkout process may help this type of sale as you can possibly skip collecting information such as address.

Whatever your approach is you should keep collecting your good feedback, and sharing it with your customers.

How I can help?

I am a Shopify Partner, and can advise on how to adapt your current website whatever your platform and continue trading in these difficult times. If you want a consultation for advice on your store then contact me on – martin – at –

To help you get started here is an excellent guide from Katie Cerar

Stay healthy!

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